Bohemian blanket pattern - Video tutorial + Free step by step graphics


Look at this wonderful crochet pattern to create a blanket or rug, maybe the model you intend to use will fit more, this very interesting crochet pattern has a purpose, this model I let you use your imagination in creating, I intend to leave it as a blanket for my baby , just try to use a thinner line and with more comfort, I still haven't defined which one to use and also the colors, but here you will find everything you need the diagrams and also a very complete video tutorial. Come on girls, the technique used is not difficult and even if you are starting in the world of pattern crochet, you will be able to do it smoothly, I hope to help and inspire you to create new things. Crochet is made to use your imagination.

This is what drives me daily, finding people thirsty to immerse themselves in the art of crochet who are wanting to learn and furiously make extra income through this beautiful work.

Recommended with this standard
combed or heavy thread, 5.5 mm hook, 5 mm hook, thread needle

I'm in love with this crochet pattern, it has a lot to do with my pattern tastes I hope you like it too:

The video tutorial is complete with all the techniques, come on girls do it and share your creations too, I hope to see you as soon as possible:

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  1. This is my pictures and my work. Do not use them without permission.

  2. Please remove if these are not your pictures of your own personal work. At the very least, this is theft and shameful! People work HARD to make patterns and it's wrong for someone else to take credit for their work! Please remove what doesn't belong to you!

  3. Muito lindo esse trabalho parabéns,vou tentar fazer 😀