Beautiful crochet entrelac stitch - Free instructions


Welcome passionate about crochet, look how beautiful this crochet interlac stitch, everyone has been talking a lot about this type of crochet pattern pattern, but I went deeper into it and was delighted about it, I couldn't help sharing something so extraordinary. This pontp is widely used in works such as bedspread, rugs and even a baby blanket, in addition to being very sophisticated and very comfortable. I couldn't help but try something so wonderful. here I will leave some images and step by step for you to enjoy a lot and who you find interesting to do too.
I like to influence people to love the art of standard crochet, because it has been very important in my day to day, every day that I want to go deeper and learn more is something really passionate about crochet. So I am happy to be able to contribute to the growth of you crochet and quite accomplished with the work I find out there for people who learn on this site.

The c2c entrelac method is that it creates straight edges. But the stripes are not diagonal. quite different from the conventional points igaul this finished blanket was very beautiful:

The triangle lines are quite easy if you are getting used to this square technique. When there are three loops left on the hook, you thread the yarn and pull the last three at the same time (instead of two, which is the way to create squares). Thus, you decrease the point count with one point per line. Then you create a triangle instead of a square. It looks complicated, but it's not… super easy:

Follow the step by step of a magazine I found, to fix this prefect interlac crochet stitch more explanatory:

In my opinion, the entrelac technique is very variable, highly addictive and very relaxing when you get used to it. Take a chance! Be creative and have fun, don't waste time and let's make a big kiss together:
This video helped me a lot to understand, I hope that it also broadens your view on this wonderful point:

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