Dress beautiful crochet with 3D flowers - free step by step


Folks I'm completely in love with this beautiful baby dress, made in standard crochet. This pattern is the part of the most gorgeous free standard collection
It is super easy to adjust the sizes across the lines of DC around the neckline until you get the right width for the neck opening. This dress fits perfect on any baby girl.

 Out of print. This pattern was available for free: http://knits4kids.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/pattern.pdf

Material used: 200 g (100g = 500m) crochet yarn (100% cotton) of pink and 100 g of white and lilac color 6 larger pearls and 10 smaller pearls for the finest flowers). Crochet hook 2.0. and 2 buttons for the back opening.

ch = string
dc = double crochet
hdc = half crochet
sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch
st = stitch
sp = space
The dress is pretty worked in rounds top low as a piece. The chart below shows the circular knife repeating patterns. be smart however, unlike the chart, we'll do 16 of those patterns (8 forward + 8 back) as you can see in the photo.

The graph, there is line of dc and 1 line of (dc, ch1, sk1) above the triangular element
in the photo however, lásão 3 lines of DC. The point is always you first works according to the graph have to add more lines, as already decreases above the first line to get the size of the neck for opening.
always use working according to the chart except that you have 16 repeat patterns (ie, triangle elements), not just 13.
Chain 168 (16 x 10 plus 2x4 for the edges).

Line 1: ch3 (replaces the first dc) and dc in each st (= 168 st). Turn
Line 2: ch3, 2 dc, ch1, sk1, 1 dc; repeat until you have 3st left, 3 dc. Turn
Continue with the triangular elements. On the graph, there are 7 lines. You can make more lines for a larger size.
Last line of juice: 1 dc, ch 2, skip 2,; repeat to the end and join with the st st in the circle. At this point, I work in turns without turning the job.
Now, the ruffle is added as edge of the yoke. To understand the technique of
crocheting the ruffle around a line. Basically, you work along the 1 cc of the previous line (make 5 dc), then the arc (also 5 dc), then around the next DC of the previous line (5 dc), and finally the points line before the previous one (5 cc). Now the opening is in the center back) and mark the
following strong open arm points.

Starting with the middle of skip 2 and half triangular patterns this is the chE2 space

in the middle of the triangle the same to the other side and forward. Participate in the respective points and tie them together. The skirt chart is shown below. The first line, however, is worked on the previous line as
sc in the dc, chE5, sc as follows dc repeats.
After you have completed the 5 rows of the chart, start with row 2 again, however, placing the shell center in between the 2 shells of the previous layer. Make 3 layers of shells and change the color to white. Work 2 layers and change the color to lilac. Keep changing colors as in the photo or as you wish until you get the right length.

Get back to * the yoke. If it is too wide, add rows of dc working bottom up. In each line, decrease 16 s by making 2 dc together above the center of each triangular element. The edge of the neckline is a row of shells:

Crochet flowers for embellishment: one 2Elayered for the yoke and four 2Elayered
and a 3Elayered for the skirt.

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