I loved this dress if you liked it too comment her - step by step free


I am loving this dress made in crochet pattern, the crochet details with round stitches have left very elegant, this color is matched enough, the white and the brown left charming, this site is providing the dot chart for you to do, every stitch made in 1.5 with thick line, what did girls find of this dress for crochet pattern party, I loved and I am completely happy to find something to do so, I have been working on it for 2 weeks and I intend to do more 03 in different colors, you can Do with the graphics, do not worry if you still do not know is beautiful art that is the crochet, with the passage of time you will develop the manual skill perfectly. The crochet is very easy, with little time you can already do small beautiful jobs, I at first got scared, but with each passing day I fell in love with crochet pattern, alas the crochet changed my life every day my stress and my anxiety has Decreased. So do not waste time and come have fun doing this beautiful crochet pattern dress, I'm sure you'll like it a lot, stay calm is very easy to do, just follow the graph and use your creativity, the chart shows the high points and low, more You develop the size and finishes, you can modulate the closure according to your body. If you liked sharing with your friends for them to do too, even more kisses kisses.

Follow the graph of the points round, you should develop the finishes according to your size, do not worry is very easy to do this, on the site you will find other models for you to do:

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