Beautiful Dress for girl of white cloud - Free Instructions

The dress "White Cloud". A bright and delicate dress is made from a 100% fine Italian cotton. The skirt is connected from multi-layered vans on the grille. Due to the ruffle, the dress turned out to be exceptionally light, lush and airy, in addition to being comfortable leaves the girl super beautiful and elegant, I am completely in love with this crochet pattern is something totally different, I have not seen for years, this kind of dress of crochet is something to be happy to produce it, because it is something that attracted the eyes for its beauty I hope you enjoy and perform this beautiful work as well. From here I will leave the necessary guidelines for this beautiful work, do not be scared, therefore, it is quite simple the way to do. I hope the instructions are clear and objective so you do not have doubts, follow the guidelines:

To expand the skirt, she changed hooks # 1.0 and # 1.25. The flirt of the dress is connected in the "fillet" technique according to the attached diagram. The dress is decorated with roses and satin beads.

Crochet Patterns:

Crochet Patterns:

Crochet Scheme for Flyers:

Beyond the editorial:
For the readers, we schematized the schemes of a fillet mesh:

For a skirt, you first need to tie several rows of a mesh net with 1 or 2 air. ties between the pillars. As you like more. The length of the skirt should be equal to the length of your dress - minus the length of the shuttlecock. Immediately after the end of the grid, the shuttle is sewn according to the second scheme.
Then we go back to the beginning of the skirt. And the waist (in this case, the satin ribbon line, because the waist is too high), we knit the second shuttlecock according to the scheme from the 1st row. The shuttle is attached to a rack of loin. The second and the next one are crocheted in a similar way to the grid. We assume that the length of the shuttle is equal to 8 grid lines. So every 7-8 grid lines you are crocheting a new shuttle along the air line, the loops as the ruches on a grid are joined.

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