Crochet Unicorn - Make for your Child


With the crochet technique it is possible to create several handicraft options, here's how to make beautiful little pets that can be used to decorate your home. Crochet bugs should be elaborated by those who already have some knowledge and mastery of the technique. If you have not yet, do not worry, through Youtube you can find interesting videos that teach the basics about this traditional craft technique.

The ideal is to make pets with colored lines, to give life and have a beautiful result. To make this craft you will need some materials like crochet hook and colored thread. Make the ladybug with black line, vivid red and place details that can be made with linen or with beads to make the eye white.

Unicorns can be made in white, but you can use another color if you prefer. Each pattern asks for something different and we all know, and in this pattern is no different, and to know how you can make your horse just follow the pattern, and to have access to the unicorn pattern just click the link below.

Crochet Unicorn - Make for your Child

Follows the video tutorial to improve understanding, I hope it helps:

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  1. Yes I would like the pattern for the elephant. Please and Thanj You.