Follows this beautiful blouse made in standard crochet - step by step free


Look people who beautiful white blouse made in crochet pattern, she is very charming and quite lately used in chic events, every detail is very elegant the crochet high and worked stitches left with details mayors. It can be used as bathing outlet or blouse over another giving a special touch in the costumes. How about learning from the graph made available on this site, the graphics shown is very easy just follow the points you will make correctly and easily. This blouse I'm doing for a friend who goes to the beach, but you can do both to give and also to sell, because this model of blouse is worked in crochet pattern. This is white plus you can use creativity and make them in other colors, I believe that blue or pink looks very elegant and beautiful too, I intend to make a yellow soon also for myself to wear at a party. So do not waste time and a look at this sweater and the free graphic I on this site, I know you will fall in love with it and want to learn how to do it. Crochet work has been drawing attention to me for 3 years, because it has helped me with a health problem, before I was very anxious and today with the crochet in my life has helped me control me, so girls we will crochet together and do this Beautiful pattern crochet blouse, I hope you like it. Kisses and kisses

Look at this graphic, it shows the dots in enough detail, just follow you to make this lovely crochet pattern blouse, let's not waste time is available for free.

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