I loved this standard white crochet dress - free step by step


I loved this white dress made in crochet pattern, every detail caught my attention as it is ideal for a party or to spend the turn of the year as it is a standard crochet dress that reminds me of peace. This site is making available the graphics for you to also make this beautiful girls dress, I'm sure your daughter will look very beautiful in it, I hope the step by step help you to do and that you have no difficulty in doing with the graphics. This dress is very cute with white details made with pineapple dots is a suggestion to spend the end of the year to go to the graduation party. Let's learn how to do with step by step and the graphic is not difficult to make this pattern crochet dress, I'm sure any girl who wear it will feel in paradise, even more with these details that leaves very fashionable. You're starting out in the art of crochet do not worry about the graphics is very easy to do and you will do very well, being able to give a friend's daughter or even use the crochet as a source of income. This crochet work has aroused a lot of interest in the general public, since it was used only in the old days, but now it has been a trend in the world of fashion, besides being beautiful work has left the look of the most elegant staff. So do not waste time, follow the step by step with the graphics below:

This crochet pattern dress is very lovely, bringing a sense of tranquility and cuteness at the same time, the details of crochet is enthralling to dress the girl.

Follow the top graphic for you to do this beautiful crochet work pattern, hit you follow the model that will look gorgeous:

Graph of the intermediate part made in pineapple dots giving shape and charm to the dress:

Bottom of the crochet white dress, pattern is the finishing with gorgeous details, leaving very charming:

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  1. hermoso dress dlicado y majestuoso como para una prinsesa

  2. it is not the word complicated it is delicate

  3. I’m not good at reading the patterns please send word step by step I would appreciate it thank you

    1. Que pena que no pongan la traducción a el español

  4. Hermoso pero esta en inglish yno puedo hacer