Mini Rings of Change - Crochet


This does not end with a flat edge as seen on the giant rug. The flat edge is in the full version of 111 rounds.

These are the first 42 lines of my 111-round Rings of Change pattern. My design philosophy is a pattern that never repeats a dot pattern once it has been used.

You can use this pattern for a baby blanket up to and over 40 "/ 101cm if you wear weight on a hairstyle and a J / 6mm hook or as small as 16.5" / 42cm if you use a crochet thread and a B / 2.25mm to do as a doily.

If you like rows that change constantly, you'll probably love it. The full 111-round standard is now available, Rings of Change.

Feel free to send me or post in my Made of Change group if you have questions or need help. Thank you!

The colored letter for line 42 was b.

The indicator is Rows 1-4 = 4.25 "/ 10.7cm

7-27-14 Loaded a revised version that adds the missing missing strings to lines 22, 23, and 24.

9-7-17 Fixed missing sk st in round 37. Fixed version now loaded. The current version is now Mini_Rings_of_Change_9-7-14.pdf

10-8-14 Corrected stitch count for line 40 and line 36: The stitch count should be 30 tr fans, 60 sc & 30 ch 4 (not 30 ch 3).

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