Square block crochet afghan pattern - Free instructions


Square is very easy to do, using basic points and posting points. I recommend that you use a magic circle and not a current loop to start so you can get a very tight loop in the middle. See my tutorial below for you to do a double magic circle. You will think that your work will take longer, the more it will adink to the end, you can carefully squeeze and stretch with your hands to stay firm. In the end, you may notice that you are doing the opposite and decreasing lightly in the middle. Once again, some sharp, stretched waves with your hands should take care of that. Curling and buckling will depend on your individual tension. Lock when finished to get a better result.

Space Abbreviations

st = stitch sc = single crochet hdc = double crochet dc = double crochet tr = treble crochet slst = sliding point ch = chain yo = yarn over r (#) = round number sk = skip sp

The special points come up - to start a round, with knot sliding on the hook, put the hook at the indicated point, and pull up a loop, always pull through two lugs on the Permanent dc hook - to start a round with Slip knot on the hook, tighten the slip knob in place with your finger, and continue in place, place the hook in the indicated place, and carefully pull a loop and draw the wire through two hooks twice on the hook fptr - (needle front crochet) as normal, but instead of hooking the top of the indicated point, insert it back and forth around the Shell point post - (3dc, ch2, 3dc).
I loved this kind of points, I made it great because I'm going to look like a living room rug, follow the tutorial with a more detailed explanation, I hope you like it and buy it.

The video below shows the long and tight points:

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