Lovely crochet open dress heaven - free instructions


Hello crochet pattern lovers, today I share with you this beautiful open sky dress made specially for baby, I am very in love with this model and I hope it excites you too, it is very easy to do this crochet art, below I will leave the step step with the graphics for you to follow and get an idea of how to make and crochet this lovely crochet dress with white snow babes. I thought about doing it for my cousin's daughter, but I ended up falling in love with this dress and I decided to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it and have fun with the idea of crocheting, besides a nice time, it feeds our soul with delicious work.

Yarn: Anna 16 SEAM 530m / 100g
Tool: 1.5 mm hook
Consumption: 190gr
Size 80-86 cm (1-1.5g.)

Some explanations:
Starting to knit from top of raglan (in a completely different Internet scheme, material "raglan top crochet scheme")
alternating CCH and other series of COS, EaP
then transferred to skirt .. loin grille tied under the bottom of the ruffles, flounces between five rows of loin grill Total of 9 layers, and then on top of the grid loin loaded steering wheels ..

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