Dress crochet flower - Free Instructions


Hi, I am very happy with the details of this beautiful crochet pattern dress with explanations in graphics and easy-to-view images. This beautiful dress I consider should be worn in celebration for both the morning and evening periods, it is a very detailed crochet flower dress, veiled for better comfort. The crochet used is made in parts and in conforming is going to take form of dress is joining and adding the crochet of flowers to closure of the dress. The details I will let you notice in the images and as the graphics follow the model presented. Come on girls hand in the dough that I'm sure will be made beautiful dresses of you standard crochet lover. I am very happy to share and hope you enjoy the tips of this site, which aims to share works and projects in crochet pattern, then follow below this beautiful dress with crochet graphics:

Follow the graphics with more precise details, do not worry pay attention in the images to get an idea of ​​final form:

For the body part I leave these images for a better understanding of the development of this beautiful work:

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