Beautiful sensual crochet blouse - step by step free


Hello girls, who miss sharing beautiful crochet patterns, how about ruining this sexy crocheted blouse for the summer, I'm completely in love with her. I found it on the internet and I could not resist sharing it, I'm studying crochet to develop this beautiful work with more open lace, I hope you like this kind of more open blouse with crochet lace details. Girls this is a summer model to wear with a croped inside. It is a model that can make short to show the belly, but can be longer as well. The graphic made clear the lace and crochet pattern, do not worry, it is simple and very objective how to do according to the graphics. The top construction is standard format of all crocheted blouses. Do not miss out on this opportunity to learn this sexy blouse for you to raze in the summer.

Follow the graphics and images to make this blouse model clearer:

Let's go there with this model:

Pay attention to the graph according to the construction of the standard crochet blouse:

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