Beautiful crochet blouse with leaves - free instructions


Hello crochet friends, ready to fall in love with this standard blue crochet blouse, I'm very excited to have found something like this, something that shows how crochet has become a trend these days, something that over time has been forgotten, but now came back and came back with everything is wonderful fashion called crochet pattern. The standard crochet world is wonderful for beginners as it develops a lot of manual craftsmanship, I have developed personally and professionally through standard crochet. I am passionate about crochet lines, stitches and needles that has awakened me to life treated with my anguish and sadness daily. I hope the crochet becomes an escape valve for my life. The crochet of this blouse was made in a crochet workshop where I discovered this loveliness I got the graphics on the internet and I share with you, the idea of ​​the site is to show beautiful works like this for a better development of the manual skill used through standard crochet . The long sleeve crochet blouse has improved the crochet fashion as it leaves the closure aside and does something more social to wear at more elegant parties.
Girls I'm happy for this crochet work, I hope you like it and share a lot, do not stop doing it too, I'm sure there will be wonderful works, use and abuse in colors, after all the creation also has to come from you.

The graphics are very explanatory and easy to see them and the points, just follow the stitches and marking to develop the body of the blouse and then assemble the details of the shells or format of sheets in crochet:

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  1. Bonjour comment avoir les explications en français merci

    1. Il y a sur la colonne de droite un menu pur traduction, par contre les PDF en japonais ne sont pas traduisibles

  2. Not crochet, knitting. :) But anyway it is nice !

  3. est ce que qq l aurais fait? puisje avoir les explications svp merci
    je ne comprends pas ceux en chinois

  4. Bonjour, est ce que qq l aurais fait? puis je avoir les explications en français svp
    merci !!