Beautiful blanket out crochet with rings - Free instructions


Hi, my beautiful crochet pattern lovers, I have not shared something beautiful in crochet pattern, today I come to present this perfect baby blanket with colored rings, I am very happy to find and share something beautiful in crochet pattern, I was looking for a Crochet blanket long ago, a friend had asked to do for her baby. She fell in love with the model of the blanket and its detail in rings, but can not dislike something like that. I'll leave the tutorial and video for you to do too, do not despair, calm down, because with much concentration will be able to make this standard crochet blanket as well. I'm sure your baby will sleep soundly with this crochete it is very comfortable and soft the yarns used left a lot of fluff to the blanket.
Then girls ready to fall in love with how to crochet this crochet blanket. Even if you are starting out in this beautiful world of crochet, you will be able to do this beautiful work, nowadays crochet has become essential in our collections of clothes, blanket, carpets and accessories, because it has become a fashion trend and because it is a very beautiful job. I hope you like and share with anyone you want for crochet to never go out of style and be present in everyone's life. Big kisses.

Follow the patterns of the rings made in standard crochet, follow the markings and points:

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