White crochet blouse - free step-by-step


Hello girls, today I found this beautiful crochet white blouse with many exciting details for combination of clothes, today it is natural for you to see the crochet pattern circulating on all sides, both on blouses, skirts, shirts, and so on. I'm very excited about this beautiful work is to fall deeply in love with it, but rest assured I will not keep it for myself, I want to share this work of art in crochet for you to do too, or if I get excited I will also leave graphics and the line used to facilitate this perfect work in crochet, I hope you are anxious. I was extremely anxious to be in standard crochet blouse, white gave such a delicate tone, plus you can abuse in the colors, as the model favors any color and measure, I hope you enjoy this work and if possible share to reach in more people girls . Nothing more gratifying than seeing other crochet lovers doing work like this white blouse. So let's see the graphics and the details of this beautiful crocheted blouse, below I'll share the photos and graphics, I hope it makes the job easier. It is not difficult but requires considerable attention and commitment. So do not waste time on my beautiful and great jobs girls a Kiss.

Follow the graphs with the model of the line used, in the graphic please follow the high and low points according to the image, I hope they are clear and objective:

Come on girls have fun with this work is to fall in love with the crochet:

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