Dress crochet witch Costume for a baby girl - step by step free


Hi Everyone I am completely in love with this crochet dress for the black and blue Halloween baby, as not to be surprised by something so beautiful in crochet so, besides being an incredible costume for the baby, I can not wait to see it in the Baby body this adorable crochet costume set. The site is providing the step-by-step tutorial video with all the information of the material used. I hope you get carried away to do this beautiful work in crochet, the material available for free is incredible super didactic and with a lot of explanatory content, I'm sure there will be no difficulty in making this beautiful work for halloween party.

This gorgeous crochet witch costume made for a baby, The pattern includes instructions for the entire dress, hat, shoes and broom. The standard is written for sizes 0/3 months and 3/6 months. This crochet costume would be perfect for a baby's first Halloween!

Materials used:
- 4.5mm and I / 5.5mm hooks (I love these Clover crochet hooks!)
polyester tapestry needles
- point markers
- black, orange, purple, brown and gold hair weave

instructions for dress by Melissa Hassler of Loops lovely click here

Follow the tutorial in video with step-by-step explanatory:

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