Decorative Crocheted Mandala made with a Classic Style - Free Pattern


Hi, girls, I've been presenting this lovely crochet mandala pattern rug, super worked with common details, I'm in love with this rugeach cross stitch of different colors attracted me a lot and left me excited, for this type of crochet, I'm already wondering how it will look beautiful in my room and I hope. Make this rug as fast as possible with the pattern that I will share on this standard crochet website. Girls let's do want to learn this beautiful work of art with me. Stay calm seems to be very detailed the crochet points, the more is quiet, just follow the step by step and the demonstrative that will do quietly. I want to see this model of standard crochet rug running around in various sites, look for alternatives of different colors, I'm sure it will be able to make beautiful colors.
below I'll leave the PDF and step by step ink. Big kiss!!

Materials used

Hook Size - 3.0mm
Yarns - Kartopu Organica Solids
Terminology - US and UK
Size 76 cm

Take the pattern: Aziza Crochet Mandala CAL

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