Perfect vest with fringe - step by step free


Hello girls and cochet lovers, today I bring one more novelty of crochet pattern, this beautiful fringed vest, perfect to match blouses, this crochet patterned vest is a rock for sophisticated parties and events, makes a good impression on the public that look I hope you are happy just as I have found something so beautiful and can share the step by step and the graphics so special for the moment. This fringe vest is very charming and sophisticated I'm very in love with it, I've been searching the internet for something like this for a while, even more in the standard crchê, I'm feeling fulfilled to have found, I'll leave it open for you to have access to this wonderful vest of women.
Do not be worried if you are starting in this art of crocheting, more and more has been gaining space and attention to manual work in order to realize dreams and become a source of income for many families, I hope to help to increase it more and more. This graphics will have the step by step described, just follow to make this beautiful work. Big kisses and crochet!

Open back of this fringed vest

Round stitch detail for back closure

Follow the graphics for a better understanding, I hope you can easily and quickly develop this beautiful white fringe vest.

For instructions, click here:


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