Beautiful black crochet blouse - free walkthrough


Dear and beloved crochet girls, I bring to you this inspiration from a strapless blouse that falls in crochet petra pattern, super cool and charming to use both at parties or in everyday life. This crochet stitch pattern is widely used by lovers of crochet, I am happy and satisfied to be able to share something so beautiful in crochet. It is already destined for my niece. This type of black crochet board has become a trend in the fashion world, the details in hectares are different and very sophisticated. Want to learn how to do it, here you will find the graphics with all the details for you to follow, do not waste time, especially in this time of covid-19, I have been dedicating a lot to standard crochet. Take advantage and generate extra income will help you get through this pandemic without experiencing difficulties, I hope I have helped crochet lovers and see you soon.

Materials needed:
yarn Fingering weight / 4 ply
Hook: 3 mm

This chart shows the details of the hectares, I hope you learn quickly the difficulty is extremely easy and I am sure you will be able to make this beautiful black crochet blouse that will fall:

As for the formation of the size, just take the blouse template and create shapes following the graphics and make it according to your size, this type of blouse fits easily, it is very comfortable:

Here is a gray model for you to appreciate, you can create it in other colors, I'm sure this pattern will be fascinating in other colors:

And to finish the shape of the body, just follow the stitches to close and complete this beautiful pattern crochet work.

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