Blue crochet girls dress - step by step free

today i bring this dress for girls blue with ruffles made in pattern crochet, i am in love with this dress, due to the crochet pattern used in it. Every day that passes I am learning more this art that is crochet and loving doing things so beautiful. I want to share the graphics of this dress so that you have a basis on how to make it, the good of everything is that the level of difficulty is easy, because it is a dress with simple details but very worked this model of crochet pattern is known as networks. So crochet lovers want to learn how to make using the graphics, here I will make it free, just follow the graphics for you to be able to make this pattern. Remembering that in this time of pandemic it is important to find ways to spend time and standard crochet has become a very useful tool that can generate income and even the greatest source of income for families:

Here are the details of the dress, where networks are formed according to the crochet pattern:

The formation of the body is also very visible in this graph, just follow the highlights and the structure:

This blue and white dress with mesh edges is a fun pattern to make and very comfortable for your baby, I'm sure it will look beautiful, you can innovate with more vivid colors too:

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