Crochet napkin - free step by step


hello girls who love crochet follow this blue crochet napkin for you to enjoy, I searched the internet for something to give a friend who is hospitalized with Covid-19 and is undergoing item treatment, I hope this crochet work will cheer you up in her recovery because she, like me, loves to crochet and I'm sure she is looking forward to crochet again.

I also got the construction graphics of this beautiful crochet napkin full of details and full of harmonies in dark colors.

How about you learn too. This in addition to fun can become a source of extra income of great value.

You who are starting in the world of crochet, be smart with this standard crochet site, here you will find a lot of works like this and with a very detailed step by step.

So here we go I'll leave the graphics for you to make this beautiful crochet napkin. Do you also good job girls.

Here below I will leave the acronyms for you to learn the correct way, do not miss this details is very important for those who are starting this beautiful work in crochet pattern:

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