granny shawl in crochet - free step by step


Hello girls, today I found something that reminded me of my grandmother this beautiful shawl made in pattern crochet, I am sad because she is no longer alive, happier to know that she liked to crochet something like this, so I decided to share something so significant for me in remembrance of my grandma. I'm excited to make this beautiful shawl with this beautiful crochet pattern this website is making available the tutorial in pdf plus the tutorial in videos to make it easier to do and with this crochet step by step you will not have difficulty in making this beautiful shawl done in colors, red, yellow, green and blue finishing with a feather tip making it even more charming. Want to follow the step by step of this site, share and encourage crochet lovers because here you will find lots of cool tips, I hope it adds something to the world of crochet, as I am excited to make this beautiful shawl in memory of my beloved grandmother. Below I will leave the important information to carry out this work. I'll leave you another nice crochet tip, this can become a source of income, since handcrafted work is very valuable in the world of handicrafts.

Get inspired and have fun doing crochet, it has changed mine and a lot of people, I've heard reports of having cured cancer and even depression. Follow this model and have a good class. Kisses

Default the default in PDF click here

I am very happy with the model, I leave some images for you to enjoy more ideas, each detail is interesting, choose the colors you like and follow the pattern.

The video tutorial is interesting to develop this beautiful Crochet Shawl, a preview of how it starts will help a lot to form ideas:

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