Gray and yellow crochet blanket pattern - Free instructions


Hello beloved, how are you? look what I found this beautiful crochet blanket with a beautiful gray and yellow pattern I am impressed with so much beauty. I want to share the step by step with videos for you to have an idea and awaken the desire to do it the same way I am now.
The pattern of this crochet is quite interesting is a combination of beautiful crochet stitches, each detail is very interesting for those who love to crochet. The high texture of the waffle stitch is balanced by the stunning appearance of an arcade stitch border. Below, you will find the complete pattern and photos with instructions for this crochet blanket. You will also find all information about materials, points, gauge and dimensioning. I also found a sizing chart for this blanket in 7 different sizes, I am sure you will know what size to make for your child regardless of age.

This blanket has such an impressive quantity and texture, that it indicates the use of solid or strong colored threads in the main part of the blanket and the border. I'm in love with the color gray and gold worked well together on this blanket.

Materials used:

9.5 oz or 1014 m Super Saver Wire with Red Heart, Dusty Gray
5.7 oz. Or Super Saver wire with Red Heart, Gold
6mm size J crochet hook yarn needle

I found this size table for you to follow, just know the age and what purpose you will want this beautiful crochet blanket pattern:

Points and abbreviations:

CH - Current
SC - Single Crochet
DC - Double Crochet
FPDC - Double Crochet Front Desk
ST (s) - Point (s)
SLST - Sliding Point

The video tutorial exemplifies how to change colors, just pay close attention to the cutoff points:

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