Hooded crochet jumpsuit - Free full instructions

Hello guys, how about this jumpsuit made in crochet for the cold with a cozy pattern that will make your baby very warm and very comfortable, this jumpsuit is very beautiful as in the pictures below, has enough details and will make your baby very charming, I am very attentive to something so wonderful and here below I will walk you through this crochet pattern with tutorials on videos and also graphics and writing.

Follow the sequence of construction, and some yarn suggestions to use in this beautiful jumpsuit:
In a row: 70m / 50gr or 140m / 100gr (50m / 50gr, 80m / 50gr options are possible)
In two lines: 100m / 50gr, 120m / 50gr or 200m / 100gr, 240m / 100gr.

This is for tight and warm crochet jumpsuits. It is possible on a thread with a measurement of 150-240m / 100g.

I focus on that according to the construction braids:

they can be either one or without a braid. Here are some braids, it is convenient for someone to crochet and quote according to the schemes.

It is strongly recommended that everyone make two samples: one with garter stitch and the other with a scythe.

follow the video tutorial to get a sense of how to do it:

Hello everyone
And so I crocheted this jumpsuit for a baby from 0 to 3 months at 62cm.
I start to crochet with my left leg. When storing crochet hooks, I gain 36 loops.
Crochet 2 rows and move to circular needles,
I crocheted an elastic band 15 lines (I have 6cm), at 16 I will make increases for 46 laps.

Circular crochet using the magic loop method (there is a lot of information on the Internet on how to do it) and my ties are divided equally, so to speak, in the front and back. After the raise, I have 23 laps at the rear and 23 laps at the front. After the increase, the first row starts to crochet a garter stitch from the wrong loops, if crochet in a circle. I will have 23 laps on the back of the leg, then 7 laps, 1 lap (before and after the braid, I always do 1 wrong lap for circular crochet, so that the braid has volume), then 8 laps for the braid (This time , I'll crochet a tourniquet), again 1 wrong loop and 6 wrong loops - that's 1 finished line.
2 row: 23 front loops (again I say knitting), 7 front loops, 1 wrong loop, 8 front loops, 1 wrong loop, 6 front loops. The line is over.
Then I alternate between 1 and 2 lines. I always crochet overlays in the front rows. The first overlap will be on the 6th line.

In addition, I tie the second leg with smaller crochet hooks, saw when I was going to take pictures, bandaged them.
I think that by the wrong lines it is easier for me and I call them ribs or tubers.

Then, I crocheted on my 16 tubers (rib), for a size of 0 to 3 months or 17 to 18 cm, along with a lapel on my pants. In the first row, they are connected for up to three months, I do not add straps between the legs, that is, crochet from one leg to another, and at the end, I add five straps to the loop. We unfold the crochet and crochet back and, at the end, on the other side, I also add five loops to the loop. Then everything will be sewn from underneath and nothing will be noticeable.
Approximate dimensions in cm
total length of the shoulder to the end of the legs - 45-47sm
leg width - 12-13sm
leg length - 17-18sm
Cable length - 16 -17sm
width to the straight sides of the Lion .. lateral - 28.5 cm,
neck hood height - 20-22 cm and
width from neck to face - 22-23 cm.

3-6 months
Total length of the shoulders to the end of the legs - 55-56cm
Leg width - 12-13cm
Leg length - 21-22cm
Handle length - 20-21cm
Overall width - 28-30cm
Neck hood height - 21-22cm
Hood width from neck to face - 23-24cm.

6-12 months
Total length of the shoulders to the end of the legs - 65-66cm
Leg width - 12-13cm
Leg length - 24-26cm
Handle length - 22-23cm
Overall width - 28-30cm
Neck hood height - 22-24cm
Hood width - 24 -26cm.
The dimensions are approximate. These are my measurements that overalls ended for me. All children fit.

The first buttonhole for me is 3.5 to 4 cm and then every 8 tubers (8 wrong lines).
Buttons for buttons, knitting like this, on the right shelf: hem, front, double crochet and two handles together.

Here is a video to help. Maybe someone crocheted in the same way:

I crocheted 3 buttons and 4 more on the loop, and divided them into shelves and back. I added 2 loops to the back of each shelf. I connected the 11 cm shelves (I have 17 tubers) and the back and sewed. He sewed a bow on a bow. There are many videos on YouTube, but they do not allow you to add.
Here is the sewing place on the front (blue arrow) just do this way to make this beautiful jumpsuit:
Here is the side closure with details of the hooks in crochet, this white I am making for accompaniment:

Now the hood part. In overalls of up to three months, I have 60 to 64 turns in my density. Add 2 loops every 2 or 4 lines. And crochet in a square will not work approximately when you add the side edges of the hood.
The sleeves are knitted from the armhole. The sheath hinges rise and the first row of purl loops will look neat.

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