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Who ever dreamed of making a blanket with standard crochet balloon stitches, I've seen a lot of tutorials on the internet so I tried to filter the best options step by step, video tutorials and graphics for you to make this beautiful blanket with this beautiful crochet balloon stitch. I've been concentrating on work like this for days and I assure you it wasn't easy to put it all together to make it easier for you, so crochet lovers are delighted to present this beautiful work produced with a lot of love and care from the standard crochet professionals. This is something inspiring and has led me to think a lot about these new stitch models. You can be sure while I can I will share beautiful crochet work to encourage you beginners and already experienced to love the standard crochet every day more, so don't waste time and let's follow the methods below:

Crochet hook (suitable for wool)

Choose wool or cotton of your favorite color

Wool needle


Balloon stitch: very beautiful stitch, crochet.

It is a multiple of 12 + 2. It is not reversible.

Here are two tutorials I found on video, both will help a lot in the development of this beautiful balloon dot blanket:
Video tutorial 1:

Video tutorial 2:

The end result? Amazing!
And the technique? ... Absolutely impressive!

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