Beautiful crochet stitch on blanket - Easy Instructions

Welcome crochet girls!

How wonderful you are here, I hope you find a lot of interesting things about crochet and its patterns, once again I share this crochet blanket pattern, remembering that I am a lover of crochet stitches and fantastic crochet things. Look at this C2C pattern known as corner by corner of this wonderful blanket that can be used for various things such as: decorative, carpet, blanket, table runner and more, and for you to return here and to like this site more and more I will leave the step by step through the video tutorial and the colorful graph of this wonderful blanket.

Then girls abaxio follows the tutorial with enough details of the standard point from corner to corner. Please follow all the steps to make this crochet work perfect. Good work and lots of crochet:

Here is the graphic with the shape of this wonderful blanket, I am loving this type of pattern crochet, nothing better than learning to do this beautiful job:

The C2C crochet corner by corner has always been widely used by crochet girls, because it is an easy and very beautiful pattern, you can create several masterpieces:

The video tutorial shows all the details of how to crochet this blanket, just watch the video and follow the step by step:

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