Beautiful crochet stitch pattern - step by step free


Hello my friends in love with crochet, look at this wonderful crochet pattern, this clove stitch that can also be found as a zigzag is very beautiful and elegant that you can create a lot of things with it such as: stole, rug and even a blanket to use a softer yarn that is cozy and warm at the same time. I'm happy to share something so beautiful and very different from the conventional, I hope you like it too. Here I will leave the graphics with the step by step for you to create the structure, and you can use your imagination to do what you prefer. The colors used were pink and blue, but you can use the ones you prefer.
I hope you share a lot with the crochet lovers, I search and develop pattern crochet work, to find people happy and passionate about crochet, this is being my inspiration, to help and make the art of crochet reach further and further.

The graphics show the scheme in sequence, more will depend on what you will create, this I intend to make a baby rug:

Below I leave all the ciglas used in these points for you to better understand, the abbreviations and thereby increase your knowledge about crochet pattern:

Find a video tutorial to help you understand, the more the graphics will be enough, the more you hit this video will also reinforce the idea:

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