Beautiful pink crochet blouse - Free Instructions

Hello! Welcome,

Today in particular I bring this model of pink crochet blouse, passionate and very charming with a wonderful crochet pattern, this crochet pattern used is available for free below through the graphics and step by step in the graphics images. I'm happy to be able to share something so beautiful and I hope you fall in love just like I fell in love with this piece of clothing.
Crochet has grown a lot in recent times and manual work has greatly valued after all crochet is a work of art and every day I go deeper and deeper to help you crochet with new projects, so don't waste time and make this beautiful pink crochet blouse.

This graphic is about the top of the blouse made in shell stitches, continue to follow with the whole set:

Follow the graphics with all the details of this beautiful crochet blouse, I'm loving the shape of this free tutorial:

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