Beautiful pink crochet rug - free step by step

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In order to decorate your home with this wonderful round crochet rug with an incredible finish, this rug is quite interesting to decorate any room in your home. This pattern crochet is very beautiful with finishing in the form of shells and tips in leaves that make the eyes shine so beautiful. Here you will find the graphic and the video tutorial with the entire step by step for you to make this beautiful round crochet rug.

Look how wonderful this model is made with a lot of love, and I hope you really like this perfect rug. This crochet art can be used in a wide environment and if you are interested in following the tutorial just observe all the details of this pattern below:

The graph allows you to have a base for creating stitches and start this beautiful work, just focus a lot on this crochet pattern that will be a wonderful job:

Look at this one in a blue tone that is beautiful too, ideally you should follow what you like and buy yarn of your favorite colors and decorate the house a lot with these beautiful rugs:

Follow the tutorial in video part 1 remembering that this video is in Russian just change the language in the video:

Tutorial part 2:

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  1. No es la misma alfombra la primera foto es una y el video es otra