Crochet blouse in leaves - Free Pattern

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Look how beautiful this special pattern crochet blouse, it is made with short sleeves in very beautiful leaves for any occasion, it is quite charming and the crochet used very modern, I am happy to be able to share this beautiful crochet work. Today this type of work is very difficult to find and this website is making available the graphic for you to follow and make this beautiful crochet blouse.
You who are starting in this wonderful world that is the standard crochet, know that it serves as inspiration for me to share crochet patterns and step by step. Today is my fuel to constantly update me in this art of crochet and help you passionate about crochet, so follow the graphics and good work.

Yarn Thread @etrofil organic cotton
Crochet: Hook 3mm

The graph is of how the sheets and the construction set are made. This sophisticated patterned white crochet model has become a trend in the fashion world:

The initial chain is 144 and the leaves are 12. The model has extra reinforcements for the sleeve. After the model, I separated the arms and moved to the body. These numbers are for size 40-42. If you want to crochet in a smaller or larger size, you can increase or decrease the number of sheets.

Follow the tutorial on crochet leaf patterns, this video is an idea of ​​how to follow:

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