Stitch arcade crochet - step free step


Hello guys, welcome

Look how beautiful this crochet stitch in the form of bubbles, are too happy for something so wonderful in standard crochet. with each passing day crochet has changed my way of thinking and living, I have fallen in love with this art too much. And when I find something like that it is extremely perfect. I hope to share with people in love with crochet and make them happy and excited to make this beautiful stitch in bubbles. I really liked the way of doing it and I hope to make a blanket, rugs, shawl using this wonderful stitch.
Girls in love with crochet is very rewarding when I find work done through my step by step found on this site and I am very excited about the shares. I hope it is not different and do many things using this beautiful pattern.

The graphic was created manually inscribed by hand, but it is still easy to understand and I also left the abbreviations for you to follow:

I found this video tutorial that will help a lot in the construction of this beautiful stitch, do not waste time crocheting and hands on:

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