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Hello everyone!

I am loving the new crochet stitches that I have discovered, with each passing day and meeting crochet patterns I have been very excited about these wonderful crochet details.

That new pattern that I found. It's for a granny stripe blanket. It is a very nice modern view of the classic granny square and, if your grannies lean like mine, you will really appreciate the straight lines in this project. This pattern crochet blanket is fascinating and here you will find the step by step how to do it. I am happy to find people who seek more knowledge in this art that is crochet, this has been the fuel of my day to help you with these perfect patterns.

I am using 4 colors. White stripes flow between each of the colored rows.

Basically, you start with a long chain. Depending on the size of the blanket you want to make. My blanket is for a baby, so I only chained 99 (needing a multiple of 3). I'll add a border when I'm done.

I'm really in love with this blanket. It's a really quick and easy pattern. After passing the 2nd line, it works very fast. I love it! Great project for those days when you just want to connect and don't think about it too much.

You can find a tutorial on this pattern at attic24.

Line 1 ::

knit 1dc on the 2nd hook chain. Keep working the pa on each chain until the end. You should have worked 19 points in total. Turn the job over.

Line 2 ::

Chain 3, then work 1tr at the first point. * Skip 2 points, then work 3tr's (I call this "tr cluster") at the next point *. Repeat between ** 4 more times, skip 2 points and then work 2tr at the last point of the row.

You should have a line that starts and ends with 2tr and has 5 tr clusters in the middle. Turn.

Line 3 ::

You will be working in the spaces between the three clusters in the previous row.

Chain 3, then work 3tr in the 1st space between the clusters of the previous line. Work 5 more groups of three in the spaces on the previous row. Then, to finish the line, work 1 tr at the top point of ch3 done at the beginning of the previous line. Press.

Line 4 :: Tie in your new color ... tie the two threads tightly, leaving the ends crumpled afterwards.

To begin, insert the hook in the first space of the previous line (between the last three and the previous three). Draw the new wire color forward, ch. 3 and then 1 tr in the same space.

Work 1 tr cluster in each of the next 5 spaces and then change 2tr in the final space. Turn.

Line 5 ::

chain 3, work 1tr cluster in each of the next 6 spaces. To finish the line, work 1 tr at the top point of ch3 done at the beginning of the previous line. Press.

Repeat lines 4 and 5, working two lines for each color.

I'll leave a video that I found to help you understand these wonderful crochet stitches:

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