Wonderful crochet block - free step by step

Hi, guys.

How beautiful, this square crochet block with wonderful colors, what a perfect crochet pattern. I've been looking for something like this for a long time to create a blanket with square blocks. This model will be ideal for what I'm thinking of doing. This website is making available step by step and also the graphics for you who are passionate about crochet also make this beautiful crochet pattern. People, crochet has changed my life mainly in this pandemic time, this art that is crochet has dedicated my time 100% to this wonderful work. How good it is to learn crochet and this has motivated me every day to find beautiful works and share these perfect models. I seek to help people who are motivated to learn these beautiful works in standard crochet, and this has given me strength to find people happy with life because of crochet;

Pattern name: Chocolate box
Source: 200 crochet blocks, by Jan Eaton
Wires: Cascade Ultra Pima

The graphic provided below is very easy, just follow the points remembering that they are handmade images:

This square block pattern is quite interesting, as you can create blankets, rugs, table runners and much more:

The video will make it very clear how to make this crochet block, this stitch is perfect and this tutorial will be wonderful:

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