wonderful quilt made with x squares - free step by step


Hello crochet lover.

I am happy to be here and I present you this beautiful crochet quilt with x stitches in very beautiful squares. I am very passionate about this quilt, in addition to being very attractive how to crochet this pattern can be used a lot for decorating your home. How long do you intend to decorate or change any corner of your home but everything is very expensive, so make your own decoration, following the step by step and the graphics of this beautiful crochet work.

This site is providing this beautiful step-by-step tutorial with videos and much more for you to learn and decorate a special place in your home, this pattern can be used for many things like bedspread, blanket, rug, table runner and more, you just need to use your creativity to create your work:

YARN: yarn of your choice and colour

HOOK SIZE: U.S. I (5.5 mm)
MEASUREMENT: Each square is 9” Finished project
46” x 58” using 20 squares and finishing border

Below are the graphs with step by step of all the processes from the beginning to the end of the pattern of this quilt, and also the graph of the finishing edges:

For the graphics of every pattern from the beginning CLICK HERE

Follow the step by step via video tutorial with all the Parties, click on the steps:

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