Beautiful colored crochet stitch - free step by step

Crochet lovers are welcome!

I don't think it came here for nothing, I'm glad you liked this fascinating crochet stitch pattern, I'm super happy to be here on this standard crochet site. I am sharing this masterpiece made through these wonderful stitches known as the box stitch that with the imagination of to create thousands of crochet works such as: blankets, rugs, blankets, sofa covers and much more the crochet is perfect because it gives us that, doing things of our imagination and that's what makes me be passionate and want to learn new things every day. I hope you can understand the graphics and the step-by-step video tutorial. We are living in a difficult time due to the pandemic and crochet is something that helps us to pass the time and cure our anguish and even depression, I have to reveal that it changed my life and today I do not know how to live without crochet and that is why it is my daily fuel for proceed to share beautiful crochet work. So my beloved and beloved crochet do not waste time we will crochet.

This graph shows the combinations of the cash points, I am happy with this pattern just follow the junction of the graph and the amendments that were found:

The color combinations are as follows, I like this dark blue, green, yellow and light blue colors these combinations are very beautiful:

The video tutorail is very interesting for you who do not know much about graphics, to follow the step by step to have excellent results:

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