Beautiful crochet blouse with star details - free step by step

Hello girls!

Look how fascinating this beautiful gray crochet blouse detailed with star effects, I am happy to be able to share something as beautiful as this and best of all I will leave the graphics with the details below and also with the step by step will show the correct way to follow the crochet used. Come on for this wonderful shirt I'm looking forward to the results to be obtained by you. I hope you make this model and you can also innovate your wardrobe with new blouses for any time. Another thing that euro sharing this kind of work in crochet raised my self-esteem and also crochet is something that changed my life and my way of thinking about manual work, I understood how valuable this work is in addition to being pleasurable and healing any anxiety or distress. So crochet good work and lots of kisses.

The graphic has all the details of this wonderful blouse model, but you have to follow the points and their abbreviations very carefully:

The part of the back shows the details made by complete and its closings, this in gray tone more can do the color you prefer.

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