Wonderful crochet stitch pattern wheeled shape - free step by step


Hello my crochet lovers!


Look at that special crochet stitch different from the conventional ones, I'm so happy to have found this crochet pattern, I'm already imagining a lot of work with this type of wheel stitch, this image made in square of stitches on internal wheels with color variations. How not to fall in love with models like that because we can use our imagination and create a lot through this very beautiful pattern such as: carpet, blankets, blankets, scarf and more. This site is making available step by step with graphics and videos for free and I can inform you that it is not difficult, on the contrary it is easy and pleasant to crochet.

I will share a feeling that the standard crochet brings me, the days go by and I have fallen in love with this beautiful work that has improved my self-esteem and my health, as I have been distracted a lot with crochet and in the future I intend to use as a way to earn an extra income. So crochet friends we will crochet more each day.

Follow the graph of the points on wheels, this pattern model is very interesting.

You just follow the highlights and encounters of this graph and also the abbreviations in the image:

The video tutorial gives you an idea of ​​how to follow the standard stitches, it is very cool the transitions of each closure of the stitch and how it is creating cool shapes:

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