Wonderful wave crochet stitch - free step by step


Hi people!

How are you? how cool to have you here on this crochet site, I think you liked this beautiful wave crochet stitch, this stitch pattern is beautiful and the most interesting thing that you can create a lot with it. I already thought of a bedspread, blanket and even a blouse with light threads more in this pattern format. You must imagine that it is difficult to make this point, but I will show you how easy it is through step by step and also the graph to follow. This is really the art of standard crochet which is discovering many things through manual labor, and you can be sure that you value this type of work much more. Crochet is something that brings many benefits to our lives, such as: extra income, health help, depression and physical therapy for the hands and much more. How not to fall in love with this art crochet-loving girls and we will soon crochet this pattern.

The graph shows all the details of the wave points and I was very excited to do it, as it is different from the conventional ones and the pattern is very beautiful.

Follow the free pattern - click here

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