Baby crochet jumpsuit - free step by step

Hello crochet lovers, welcome!

Want a wonderful crochet baby clothes, look at this gray jumpsuit with pocket in this perfect crochet pattern, I am delighted with this baby work. The crochet used is very easy and I will leave the step by step below written and also a graphic with the measurements, this model is charming and I already imagine the perfection in the baby's body. You who are looking for a wonderful job for babies here is the right place and find the step by step for free for you to make and dress your child wonderfully. Remembering that the model of the images is for boys, more you can use other colors and instead of the pocket decorate it with teddy bears and other girl ornaments. Don't waste any more time and we'll crochet this beautiful gray jumpsuit.

Hook size 4 mm
Approximately 80 grams of Dk yarn.

Step by step writing:
First leg
Chapter 22,
Row 1: - mpa in the 3rd ch from the crochet hook and in each chain = 20 mpa, (2ch turn this and all rows)

Knit 4 rows htr

Row 6: - mpa in the first m / p, 2 mpa in the next point, mpa until the end (21 mpa)

Knit 1 round off.

Second leg
I work as for the first leg for 6 rows, htr for the last 2 sts, 2 htr in the next point, htr in last r. (21 htr)

Knit 1 row, 2 pc back

Row 8: -htr on all sts, 2 ch, then all sts on the first leg, ensuring that the straight sides are on the outside and the shape on the inside = 44 ms

Lines 9-18 work in a straight line in these 44 meters or until the work measures 13 cm from the beginning.

Career 19: - 1st dec. At each end of the row = 42 mtr

Knit three rows of 42 htr

Row 23: - decrease 1 st at each end of row = 40 mpa

Knit 3 rows of 40 htr

Row 27: - decrease 1 st at each end of row = 38 mpa

Knit 3 rows of 38 htr or until the work measures 22 cm from the beginning

Line 31: -Turn, ss for the next 4 hours, ch 2, work until it lasts 4 hours and leave the 2 channel curve without working (30h)

Row 32: - Decorate 1 st at the beginning and end of this and in each alternating row until 22 m remains.
Knit 2 rows or until the hole measures 6 cm

Crochet 1 row of sc (US sc) 1 pc back

Buttonhole line
Round 42: - sc in the 1st 2 points, 1 ch, miss 1 point, sc for the last 3 points ch 1, miss 1 point, sc in the last 2 points

The pit should measure 7cms.

Make 2
Current 6
Htr on the 3rd ch, htr to the end = 4 htr, 2ch turn
Knit 16 rows and cast off.

Optional pockets
Current 13
Htr in the 3rd chain of the htr hook in each chain until the end (11 htr)

Finally, knit 6 rows htr and one row dc, in contrasting tones, if desired.

To complete
Place the pockets 19 rows above the bottom and about 4 hours from the center and sew in place.
If you add appliques, it is easier to do it now, before joining the seams.
Join the seams of the legs and sides.

With contrasting shadow, right side facing to start at the pit junction, dc evenly in front of the pit, 3 dc in the corner, dc at the top of the jumpsuit working 1 dc in ch sps buttonhole, 3dc in the corner and then dc evenly around the pit , 3 dc in the dc corner on the upper back of the jumpsuit, 3dc in the corner, dc in the armhole, ss in the first sc and break the thread.
Interlace the ends.
Sew the straps on the back and add buttons.

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