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As I already said that I would like to share crochet patterns here every day, more is not always possible due to the rush of my day, the more I am happy to be here in search of this easy chevron crochet pattern with cool neutral colors, it is Passionate this pattern and very easy to do even for those who are starting, here I will share the written step by step and also the graphic together with the video tutorial to make the construction of this pattern very easy. This chevron stitch model is widely used in blankets, rugs, blankets and also in rugs, but due to the easy pattern it can create a lot because it is a comfortable and practical model. So crochet lovers lets crochet this pattern and create a lot of wonderful crochet things. Big kisses

The blankets in the photo above were made with DK yarn and a hook bigger than the recommended size (5.5 mm / H) that creates a light blanket with a beautiful drape.

Easy Peasy Chevron Blanket Instructions

Make a multiple of 11 plus 10 chains

Line 1: SC on the 2nd CH of the hook [see the red arrow below] and at each CH of the line, turn your work at the end of the line

Line 2: CH 3 [counts as the first CD in the line here and throughout the standard].

(4 DC, CH2, DC on the same St. [this creates your peak], 4 DC, SK 2 [this creates your valley]) repeat until the end of the line, shift.

Line 3: CH 3, DC2tog 2 DC, (V St in CH 2 Space, 4 DC, SK 2, 4 DC) repeat throughout the line until after the V St [peak] end of the line, where you will do, 2 DC , DC2tog, DC to the top of CH 3 from the previous row, turn.

End of the line showing DC2tog after the last peak of point V

Line 4 and remaining lines: repeat line 3 until the blanket reaches the desired size.

To change color, you will need to tie the thread at the end of the line you are working on, turn the work over and attach the new thread to the top of CH 3 of the last line completed with a very low stitch and CH3 [counts as your first CD of this line ].

I also found this video tutorial with all the details in an explanatory way, so you have the step by step of how to follow, I hope I helped. Good crochet

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