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Hello pattern crochet lovers!

Be very welcome to this pattern crochet site that teaches in the best way for free, you are looking for patterns and tutorial is in the right place and I believe you liked this beautiful blue and white crochet angel ornament for tree and nativity scene, this model I I particularly liked it and I will share with you the step by step of this beautiful crochet angel model. How long has it been since you came here to update you, rest assured that I will update you weekly with beautiful crochet patterns. Then we can start learning this beautiful crochet angel and enjoy and start decorating your home with these crochet wonders.

Material used:

Crochet needle

Yarn of your choice (the thicker the yarn the bigger the angel)

Thin scissors

Needle to weave in the ends

The graphic (scheme) of the wing to make the angel, just follow to finish the wings:

To assemble the body, follow the written step by step below and using images that make understanding easier:

1.) Current 20

2.) sc in the second ch on the hook, sc in all chain, ch1, turn (19 sts)

3.) sc, sc in the next 15 points, sc, ch1, turn (17 pts)

4.) transverse sc, pc 1, turn (17 sts)

5.) sc, sc in the next 13 pts, sc, ch1, turn (15 pts)

6.) transverse sc, pc 1, turn (15 pts)

7.) sc, sc in the next 11 pts, sc, ch1 round (13 pts)

8.) sc in all, pc1, turn (13 pts)

9.) sc, sc in the next 9 pts, sc, ch1 round (11 pts)

10.) dc crosswise, ch1, turn (11 sts)

11.) sc, sc in the next 7 pts, sc, ch1 turn (9 pts)

12.) transverse sc, ch1, turn (9 sts)

13.) sc, sc in the next 5 sts, sc, 1 round (7 sts)

14.) sc in all, ch1, turn (7 pts)

15.) sc, sc in the next 3 points, sc, ch1 turn (5 pts)

16.) transverse sc, pc 1, turn (5 sts)

17.) sc, sc in the next st, sc, pc1 round (3 sts)

18.) transverse sc, do not tighten, keep needle in point.

Putting a border around the Angel.

sc go down from the left side of the angel until you reach the corner of the triangle, stitch, 2 sc, chain 1, 2 sc (keeping the hook on the handle)

Scallop in the background

5 dc in the 3rd m / d, sl st in the 3rd m. 5 sc in the 3rd m. Cross, sl st in 3rd m. Crosswise, 5 sc in the 3rd m. Crosswise, in the corner of the st 2 dc, chain 1, 2 dc.

climb up the left side of the triangle, step on the last space and close.

Always keep the hook in the loop to create the finishing edge of the body, creating volume at the end.

Leave enough thread at the end to sew and attach the wings to the back of the body, bringing the two together. Lightly iron the angel to flatten it and get even.

To finish, add a wooden ball to the angel's head. Insert the thread or thread at the top of the triangle and through the hole in the wooden ball, to make it tight, weave the thread or thread back through the hole in the bottom of the wooden ball, give a small tug and give a knot the end. Make a braid of yarn to make the arms and fasten the buttons of the dress.

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