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Welcome here, I am super happy because I saw that you came to this crochet patterns site because you liked this beautiful crochet blouse that is easy to make. You already imagined a wonderful crochet blouse with beautiful details, so I'm going to introduce you to this beautiful work done with a lot of love and dedication, this crochet model is fascinating. I have been looking for something so beautiful in detail for a long time and I loved this blue and white color, the colors were not overloaded, but it did combine a lot. I hope I can help you to make this blouse because it is easy to make and I will leave the graphic for you to see this model. Let's crochet and understand the step by step of this wonderful work in crochet. This easy model is interesting for those who are starting in this world of crochet, as it is ideal for learning from scratch how to do it, so don't worry that you will be able to do it and will love it. So let's crochet.

Then the graph shows the pattern of the stitches and how to make the pattern of the blouse, the rest you can follow the shape of your blouse as an example, because you can do it according to your size, you can also make it with a long sleeve or tank top, the way you prefer, you create what you think is ideal for the occasion.

Materials used

For this blouse were used

3 skeins of the Anne line,

2 whites

1 blue

Needle size 3

This blouse is made all straight, when it reaches the neckline you measure the width of the shoulder, then finish it.

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