C2C crochet moss stitch blanket


Today I bring a tutorial that will leave you super warm (a) is very warm, the point taught is for the production of a blanket, small only decorative to stay at the foot of the bed or on top of your couch, more give to improve the same point for a blanket or a blanket much bigger is for sure will look beautiful.

The Point C2C is really exciting is amazing, the versatility of it will make you create many other pieces as beautiful as you are and you will be in love just like me. 

Of course I produce a very small is already able to finish, it took me a week believe that the longer the blanket the longer I will take, the tutorial is easy level, because after you learn the point just continue the same until the end of your goal.

The blanket taught in the tutorial follows a well-blended pattern of white with moss green and gray is beautiful, you can explore and make other colors.

In the first production I created this model already get some orders, because it really is a piece that leaves the environment more charming, more delicate, more sophisticated and much more beautiful.

The point taught makes my creativity go much further is to create other pieces, from the same point we managed to produce cushion covers, table ornament cloths and other things you prefer.

The point is very tasty to be working, it is repetitive is with this you learn and can not forget, just loved and I'm in love.

A tip That I give to those who are starting in the business is to make pieces as is, because the point is repetitive, that is, you learn and go with the same from start to finish with few variations, this is excellent because it helps you create a perfection.

Especially when we are starting in crochet, the cool thing is also to be clinging to a tutorial from start to finish, ie to take to do this for example start and finish, never keep jumping from tutorial to tutorial, this will help you and motivate you to learn really interests you.

The cool thing about taking a tutorial at a time is that you end up motivating yourself to finish the models and go making others, besides also learning with each step by step.

You will notice that the way you pick up the needle is quite interesting, over time will evolve and hone your skills which will help you and a lot to grow and evolve in crochet.

I want you to motivate yourself and start this tutorial later today, because I'm sure it will be successful selling in your region, after all we always want to learn from the news is a piece as is indeed passionate, anyone who sees will want to order one.

My intention with this point is to make a huge bedspread, but it will take, because really the size ends up being very laborious.

I would like to give the last tip for you that is starting, here on my site have other amazing tutorials that you can learn, in addition to tips, and other information that will add more and more value to your knowledge.

So let go of the subject, put into practice everything we are learning and take off, because in crochet our creativity will flow, I would like to point out that in this tutorial all the image credits and the step by step is intended for the official website that you will be able to check out all the amazing step by step of this model by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy all this tutorial! 

The video tutorial below shows the step by step for you to follow along with the writing.

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