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When I didn't show up here for a while, I had reasons due to my health that I was not the best, but I'm fine and excited to share standard crochet work with graphics, videos and a lot of step by step with all the details in crochet. Today I bring you a wonderful macaw parrot made in crochet known in the middle of the art world as amigurumi. These works are very special for decoration, something that makes your home very happy and colorful. How not to fall in love with these beauties of crochet. Here I will leave the graphics and the step by step in pdf for you to learn and enjoy this wonderful handmade work called crochet.

I am very happy and excited to share this work with you totally free and complete the material. So don't waste time and let's make this amigurumi pattern on a perfect macaw parrot.

The graphics are very easy to read and learn the points, just follow the link step by step. This crocheted parrot is wonderful I was delighted with this amigurumi, people can use it as a little baby, or a child's scent to help at bedtime.

The details are very interesting besides being cute. So let's not waste any more time and let's learn the complete free walkthrough and make for our children and grandchildren. Remembering that it can become a source of income in the future. I'm learning how to make amigurumi to make for an entity that treats cancer, because a study showed that it is of educational use for children undergoing treatment and has helped a lot in the child's psychological evolution.

All the pattern of this wonderful payment you will have access to the images, photo and step-by-step writing with support of abbreviations, material and points used to make learning more flexible. To access the step by step with free graphics click here:

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  1. Es preciosa, son muy profesionales.

  2. OUI, magnifique, félicitation. je vous donne mon adresse mail: mimisuch58@gmail.com

  3. merci, mais la page google est vide ?

  4. Bonjour ! Sur une page FB le lien a été donné également avec la demande d'un "oui" à mentionner pour obtenir le tuto .... Ce lien nous envoie sur cette page mais le "click here" renvoie sur une autre, vide avec simplement le titre d'album ... Lorsque l'on fait "télécharger album" : page erreur introuvable .... Y a-t'il une autre démarche à effectuer ? Merci d'avance et belle fin de journée