Beautiful Blanket Made With Interlaced Crochet Shell Stitch - Step By Step Free


Hi my crochet friends, how are you? check out this beautiful stitch of interlocking shells, known as the interlocking shell, this crochet pattern is very beautiful. I'm sharing finished in the form of a very cozy blanket and I hope you like these blanket models a lot. The crochet used is very cozy for the baby to wear and very warm. This site is providing step by step and also the graphics for you to learn this crochet pattern.

This finished blanket has a simple and fresh combination of navy and white colors, and I loved the result. You'll love the texture of this free crochet pattern and the softness of the cotton thread.

The shape of the stitches that look like sea waves is very cool, there has been a lot of demand for patterns like this, and you've come to the right place, I'm going to share with you this wonderful art that is crochet, I hope I can see you again here looking for crochet patterns.

So let's get down to the full tutorial on how to make this wonderful blanket for babies, remembering that this model is for children also only increase the size.

This stitch pattern reminds me of the ocean waves, and the easy crochet pattern is very relaxing and quick to make. The size is perfect for wrapping a small baby and can be used as a crib blanket or floor mat.

Instructions for making a nautical crochet baby blanket are further down the page.

You can find a step-by-step tutorial for the stitch pattern used below. You may find this useful if you are a beginner.


King Cole Cottonsoft DK: 100% cotton; 100g / 210m

3 French Navy balls (741) - A thread

2 balls of White (710) - B String

4.5 mm crochet hook

Sewing needle

I found a video for a better explanation of the shell locking stitch, follow the steps of this video, this work is very delicate and passionate, beautiful just to look at it, imagine crochet this blanket is a wonderful feeling.

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