Crochet curtain with flower arrangements - Step By Step Free


Hi my friends and friends!

Have you ever thought about crochet flower curtains? already imagined it, I had never imagined it but I am completely in love with this crochet flower curtain pattern, which left the kitchen environment with much more life. This pattern is simple and wonderful the way it fits around the window bringing decoration and protection from the day sun, this work is very beautiful. You might be wondering how you haven't seen anything like it yet, yes I asked this question during the day after I found this pattern.

And to know the best of all, I will provide you with free step-by-step writing for you to make and decorate your home. It's practical, quick and easy for you who are starting in this world of crochet, I think you must be super excited, because crochet, or manual work, does this with us, it generates great enthusiasm and a willingness to do and learn each time most.

So let's go to the most important step by step writing with complete pattern.

Materials used:

US size H crochet hook

Sugar & Cream and Peaches & Cream yarns in various colors, as well as other cotton yarns from various brands I had.

DC = Double Crochet

Full flower

Line 1: make a magic loop. CH 3 (counts as first DC) 11 DC in magic loop. Join with SL ST to the 3rd CH of CH 3. 12 initial points .

Press if you are changing colors.

Row 2: Join the next color on any DC. Ch4 (counts as your first DC and CH 1). DC CH 1 around in each ST. Join SL ST on the 3rd floor of the starting CH 4 to end the round. Do not tighten. 12 DC with a 1 ch space in the middle.

Row 3: SL ST in the first space CH 1. CH 3, 2 DC in the same space CH 1. 3 DC in each CH 1 space around. SL ST for the 3rd CH of the initial CH 3 to close the round. Press if you are changing colors. 36 AD (3 in each space).

Line 4: Join the next color on any DC. CH 3 DC at same point CH 4, * skips one DC, 2 DC at next ST, 2DC at next string ST 4 *. Repeat from * to * around until the last 2 ST, SK 1 ST, 2DC on the last ST. Join with SL ST to the 3rd CH of the initial CH 3. Your final join will be between the 2 sets of DC. 12 CH 4 spaces. Do not tighten.

Line 5: Make 8 DC in the 4 SP chain. Skip 2 DC, SL ST between 2 sets of DC. SK 2DC, 8 DC in the next CH 4 SP. Repeat around. To end the SL ST turn at the ST start and press.

I used the join as you go method when making this curtain. The junction was made between points 4 and 5 of the 8 DC of the last row. See the photo where to add each flower.

Assemble as follows

Line 1: 8 complete flowers

Row 2: half flower, 7 full flower, half flower. Note: I added the 7 full flowers first, then went back and added the half flower at each end with the join method as you progress through space. See image to see where to start your first full flower in 2nd row. It will not be directly under the 1st flower. You'll join the flowers at the bottom of the 1st row and on the sides of the 2nd row as you go.

Line 3: 2 complete flowers on each side

Row 4: 1 half flower and 1 whole flower on each side. See line 2 for the order in which they were added.

Row 5: 1 complete flower on each side.

So how beautiful finished and decorated the environment, it is very beautiful to see and confirming to do this wonderful work of crochet.

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