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If you plan to sell your crocheted items as a business, you will need to diversify your offerings. This doesn't mean that you should create products that you don't like. 

Today we are bringing you another crochet tutorial to learn how to make decorative, thread-based items, it is worth checking out at the end of this post, another tutorial.

Instead, you should create a variety of products to attract a variety of customers. This will include various patterns, colors, and types of thread. Some other items to sell include small blankets, boots, and hats. You can sell these items in packages or individually.

The first step in starting a business is to determine if you want to focus on a particular niche or style of crochet. For example, if you enjoy designing and making baby clothes, you can create a pattern for baby clothes and sell it online. 

If you enjoy designing and creating, you can turn your passion for crochet into additional income. If you can create a product with a niche you are passionate about, you can make money that way.

Once you have developed a style and mastered the basics of crochet, you will want to teach other people how to crochet. If you can teach someone how to crochet, you can also advertise your services in various places. 

If you're targeting new mothers, grandmothers, or middle-aged women, consider advertising in places like day care centers, senior centers, or church boards. Teaching others to crochet is a great way to earn extra money.

Once you have your skills under control, you can decide what to sell. This will be the core of your business. It is important to visit local craft fairs and look for products that are in demand. 

You should also consider the number of reviews your products have received. While a specific type of crochet product may sell well, it limits your sales if you offer only that type of item.

If you are not sure how to sell your crochet items, you can always sell them as a business. If you are just starting out, selling your finished products can be a good way to start making money from your business. 

Once you have built a strong audience, you can expand your sales. If you don't know how to get started, you can offer your crochet pieces at local craft fairs.

If you are already a talented crocheter, you may want to teach others. You can also teach your skills to others. 

Full Tutorial

We can say that with its spectacular and long-lasting flowering it is a symbol of the Mediterranean summer. Oleander is a shrub that gives color to our coastal areas and despite being poisonous, it is very common as an ornamental plant. It is not uncommon to find it on the streets creating long colorful avenues that immediately remind you of a vacation by the sea.

To crochet oleander you need to prepare: the flower, a small central section, the pistil, the bud, the cup and the leaves with the relative stem.
Required: cotton number 20 - 1.0mm crochet hook - scissors - needle - 0.45mm galvanized iron wire - plasticized iron wire - pliers.

Start 4 chains and in the first one make 7 double crochets (total 8).

1st round: 9 double crochets.

2nd and 3rd round: 10 double crochets.

4th row: 3 double crochets in a stitch 2 times. Turn work.

5th row: 2 double crochets, 2 double crochets in one stitch twice, 2 double crochets. Turn work.

6th row: 1 half treble crochet, 2 treble crochets, 1 double treble crochet and 1 treble treble crochet in one stitch, 1 treble treble crochet and 1 double treble crochet in one stitch, 2 treble crochets, 1 half treble crochet.

Descend with slip stitches to the row of 10 double stitches and repeat the same for a total of 5 petals.

Explanation of the middle section

Start with 4 chains and in the first one do: a double triple stitch, 3 chains, a slip stitch. 3 chain stitches, 1 double triple stitch, 3 chain stitches, 1 slip stitch. Repeat the same for a total of 5 times.

Explanation of the pistil

Start 5 chains and close them in a circle.

1st row: 4 chains and in these make 3 slip stitches. 1 slip stitch inside the circle. Repeat the same for a total of 5 times.

Explanation of the Chalice

The cup is the same for both the flower and the bud.

Start 4 chains and in the first chain 9 double crochets (total 10).

1st row: 4 chain stitches and in these do: 1 single crochet, 2 half double crochets. Skip a base point. 1 slip point. Repeat the same for a total of 5 times.

bud explanation

Start 4 chains and in the first one make 7 double crochets (total 8).

1st and 2nd round: 8 double crochets.

3rd row: 12 double crochets (increase every 2 stitches).

4th and 5th row: 2 double crochets closed together for the whole row.

6th round: 1-2 very low points. Close the job.

To assemble the flower, cut approximately 15 cm of galvanized iron wire long. In the center, roll the white cotton several times to form a ball. Twist the iron wire around itself about 4 cm to create the connecting rod. Insert the pestle, the center part, the flower and the cup. Cover the connecting rod with cotton, working the chains around it.

Insert the cup into the button and sew it to the connecting stem of the flower. Make all the flowers and buds you need for your composition.

Cut a piece of plastic-coated iron wire of a thickness and length suitable for the work to be performed. Work a button up to the fifth row and insert it into the stem. Knit the sixth row and close the piece. Insert the glass.

Explanation of the sheet

The leaves are grouped in 3 by the thread.

Start 35 chains.

1st row: 3 double crochets, 3 half double crochets, 3 double crochets, 16 double crochets, 3 double crochets, 3 double crochets, 3 double crochets. Redo the same side on the other side of the chains. Cut a piece of galvanized iron wire that goes 3 loops around the sheet plus another 2 cm more on each side and insert it by making a round of single stitches around it. Stretch the sheet tightly by shaping it with your hands and twist the iron wire over itself 2-3 times. Make 2 more identical sheets. To get to the wire and work the single stitches, go down half a sheet with slip stitches. Tie the flower and leaf clusters to the stem. Cover it with cotton wool working the chains around it, except for about 3 cm that will be inserted into the vase.

Model the whole with your hands.

You should look for craft fairs in your area and attend one if you can find one. If you prefer to sell your products online, you can research websites and auction sites that accept crochet products.

It is important to remember that crocheting is a time-consuming hobby. The economy is undermining the value of handmade products. If you can find a good market for your items, selling them is not difficult. 

I found a video that explains in practice how to make this beautiful wild flower, just change the language you want in the configuration.

You can even sell your crocheted items at craft fairs. However, you will need to be persistent. If you don't have an audience, you can try to make a living by making handmade products.

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