4 Step Crochet Points for Beginners


Crochet is a very old technique, but it is getting higher and higher. Crochet is to manipulate the line, be it wool or string, with a long needle with curved tip. The size of the needle will depend on the thickness of the yarn you choose to work with. The quickness of the hands will form a plot that may contain different combinations of points.

Those who are starting out in crochet art need to learn and train the main points: chain, high point, low point and low point. With these basic points, in addition to crochet hooks for carpets and dish cloths, it is also possible to make other pieces very varied. If you liked the subject, stay here with us to see the step by step of 4 indispensable crochet points.

4 Step Crochet Points

To do crochet you will need three simple materials, see:

Crochet threads: baroque string, perlé, 100% cotton yarn, 100% polyester yarn or cotton yarn with viscose; crochet needles according to the thickness of the chosen yarn (needles range from 2 mm to 7 mm); Crochet (you can use magazines or internet graphics).

With the videos below, found on the Wagner Reis channel on YouTube, you'll learn how to easily do the main crochet dots. Come on?

1. Chain point

The chain is one of the easiest points to learn. With a little practice you will be ready to start making beautiful pieces. In the video below, you will see the simplified step by step of the chain point.

Finishing with this image of all the details of this beautiful crochet stitch.

How not to fall in love with crochet stitches like this, and the coolest thing is that they are stitches for beginners in crochet, who will be able to develop manual skills and crochet techniques that help in the day to day of those who make standard crochet. 

This is very important and this process cannot be skipped, because whoever is starting will develop quickly.

Crochet lovers, I imagine you are wondering why you didn't learn this before, or why you didn't find it before, but this is how it is an art that is renewed with each passing day and that has been growing a lot over the years, so enjoy it and go taking the tips for free and crocheting a lot.

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