Beautiful blanket with Afghan waves - free step by step


What a beautiful girls this blanket in Afghan waves in the blue and white color made in crochet pattern, I'm in love with the details of it This type of crochet has attracted me a lot, and this site is making available the video tutorial that demonstrates easily the step Step on how to make this charming crochet blanket pattern, I'm anxious I can not wait to start doing, as I have already followed the step by step and found very explanatory the shape of the standard crochet points the afghan. 

I hope you also like the tutorial, because it will teach you the best way possible, this blanket was very beautiful and charming, besides being perfect in the cold season, because made in crochet pattern, it warms the baby a lot, we can use it as a bed decoration Or couch leaving the ambiance of the house very beautiful. 

This tutorial shows from the beginning to the end all the details of this standard crochet blanket, it aroused interest for your model, it is a sophisticated and elegant model, you can use it in your baby either on normal days or at a party, as it becomes very elegant beyond Of protecting your baby from the cold, which thinks girls learn alongside the video. 

Even if you do not have a lot of skill with crochet, you'll be very happy with the explanatory form of the standard crochet tutorial, this blanket is interesting even for usalá as a source of income, being able to sell and even gift some recent mother, besides being able to do Of the size you want so do not miss this opportunity to learn through the tutorial of this site, the following is the guide to the Afghan waves blanket made in crochet pattern:

I'm happy to be able to share this crochet blanket pattern, it's something that draws a lot of attention because it's beautiful and with different stitches than most. So you who like crochet and want to learn this is the moment because the video tutorial is complete.

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